slatwall baskets

Use our slatwall baskets to hold small items and trinkets. Display packaged or loose goods in shallow, deep, sloping or narrow baskets. These universal baskets work with both slatwall and gridwall.
  1. Shallow Baskets Black
    Shallow Baskets Black
  2. Shallow Basket White
    Shallow Basket White
  3. Shallow Basket Chrome
    Shallow Basket Chrome
  4. Small Basket Black
    Small Basket Black
  5. Small Basket White
    Small Basket White
  6. Deep  Basket Black
    Deep Basket Black
  7. Deep Basket White
    Deep Basket White
  8. Deep Basket Chrome
    Deep Basket Chrome
    Out of stock
  9. Sloping Basket Black
    Sloping Basket Black
  10. Sloping Basket White
    Sloping Basket White
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