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DISPLAYARAMA is a leading supplier of slatwall panels and slatwall accessories in Miami, FL.  We have 1000s of panels in-stock and ready for pick up or delivery directly to your project or home.  No need to wait weeks for production or shipping.


We stock slatwall in the following finishes:


We stock slatwall panels with 3″ spacing and no metal inserts, 3″ spacing with metal inserts, and 6″ spacing with metal inserts.


We also stock 1000’s of accessories such as slatwall hooks, slatwall brackets, slatwall faceouts and slatwall baskets.


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Slatwall Installation in Miami, FL

Slatwall panels are a relatively simple project to install with the right tools and a helper. The right tools for installing slatwall are – level, stud-finder, and cordless drill / screwdriver. 4′ x 8′ slatwall panels weigh between 75 and 95 pounds depending on whether or not it comes with the aluminum inserts and the number of slats. So, we highly recommend having 2 people install it. In our experience, using local handymen is helpful when installing slatwall panels.


Our recommended approach to hanging slatwall is simple: 1) Install horizontal “furring strips” to the walls you want to hang slatwall.  We recommend 3 furring strips – top, middle and bottom.  Be sure to securely fasten the furring strips into studs or the concrete wall, 2) cut slatwall to required size as-needed, and 3) to attach slatwall to the furring strips using wood screws.


In order to help with the assembly and installation of retail store displays and fixtures in Miami, FL, you may want to get help from the following resources:


Slatwall Delivery in Miami, FL

DISPLAYARAMA delivers slatwall panels in Miami and around South Florida.  We deliver using a trucking company familiar with transporting and delivering slatwall in order to minimize any damage.  Since we stock 1000’s of slatwall panels, we can deliver slatwall same day or next day.  Having us deliver the slatwall is the most convenient way to get slatwall delivered to you in Miami without the hassle of figuring out how to get the slatwall panels to your project or risk damaging the slatwall.

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Slatwall Panel Cutting in Miami, FL

DISPLAYARAMA offers custom cutting of slatwall panels in order to simplify the installation process.  Often times the most difficult part of installing slatwall panels is cutting the slatwall to the correct sizes.  All you have to do is provide the final dimensions for each wall where you want to install the slatwall and we will do the rest!  DISPLAYARAMA is the ONLY supplier of slatwall that will cut the slatwall panels to size for quick and easy installation.

Slatwall Accessories in Miami, FL

DISPLAYARAMA sells a great assortment of slatwall accessories to make the best use of your investment in slatwall.


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Slatwall Panels and Accessories FAQs in Miami, FL

For our FAQs related to slatwall panels and accessories, please go to our main page – Slatwall Panels and Accessories and scroll down the page.


We answer questions about slatwall such as:


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