Male Abstract Glossy White Mannequin Named Proteus

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Male abstract glossy white mannequin with eggheads and satin metal base.  Both arms extended along his sides.


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Proteus is a male abstract glossy white mannequin with a unique blend of style and practicality. He stands strongly with her arms hanging along his sides.


He comes with both interchangeable magnetic abstract modern eggheads and chrome neck blocks.  He is painted with white high gloss eco-friendly paint to add an additional dimension of luxury that will last for years.


So, whether it’s a modern or traditional look, Proteus’s exceptionally high-quality and versatility will do both.


Our mannequins are sustainably manufactured and 100% recyclable.


Also included is a brushed satin metal heavy weight base to stand him up and make nearly unbreakable.


For further customization, choose from a selection of head styles available in white, chrome, or gold finishes with, and without, facial features.

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