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Slatwall 12″ Shelf Bracket


Our 12" slatwall shelf brackets are available in Black, White and Chrome.


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Introducing our Slatwall 12″ Shelf Bracket, a key piece for flexible shelving. These brackets fit perfectly with your slatwall system, offering strong support for shelves. They bring both stability and style. They’re great for retailers wanting more display space and for homeowners who love organization.

We’re also happy to offer these brackets at wholesale prices. This makes them a great deal for bulk buyers. Upgrade your shelves with our strong and stylish Slatwall 12″ Shelf Brackets.

Key Features:

    1. Seamless integration with slatwall systems.
    2. Robust support for shelves.
    3. Ideal for both retail and home use.
    4. Available at wholesale prices for bulk purchase.

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